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What I Do
  1. Real Estate Photography
    Real Estate Photography
    I use my knowledge of natural and artificial light to provide quality images of both the interiors and exteriors of your home.
  2. Product Photography
    Product Photography
    Telling a story is the easiest and best way to sell a product. A picture tells a thousand words, that's quite a story.
About me
I am a student of film and as such love a great story. Photography is unique in that you can tell a story in a single snap shot. Many things come into play, from the lighting to the framing and I know how to use those elements to find the story a home or product has to tell.

I have worked in photography at as a professional for several years and have found that every photo shoot offers different challenges.  Each new challenge offers something new to learn as well.  I have overcome many of these challenges and want to put my experience to work for you.
I specialize specifically in product and real estate photography.  I do also take artistic pictures that are stretched to canvas.

A few quick things:
  • Located in Salt Lake City, able to cover most of Northern Utah.
  • Over 3 years experience with professional photography and editing
  • Contact me: [email protected]